[ddownload id=”955″ text=”Download Flyer” style=”button” color=”yellow”]We are excited to announce our Future Littles Waiting List Program is up & running!  This program pairs your company or organization with a group of kids waiting for Big Brother & Big Sisters for a one-time event.  Your group plans the activity with the help of our agency coordinator, who will also be present throughout the event for support.   

Why participate?  Well, it’s a great time and a win-win for all involved– our kids waiting for a “Big” get a chance to participate in a fun activity and your employees/members get a chance to see what it’s like to a “Big” for a day.  We’ve recently held successful events with E-Medco, Lawley Insurance and Ernst & Young.  Activities have ranged from dinner & crafts, to bowling and miniature golf. We even have an event coming up at Buffalo Zoo!  

If you think this is something that your company or organization would be interested in planning, download the flyer for more details and contact information.

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