Ryan Taughrin – Defender of Potential 


Ryan Taughrin is the Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment at the University at Buffalo’s College of Arts and Sciences. As a first-generation student who was raised by a single mom, and later adopted by loving parents of his best friend, Ryan tries to live every day working to pay it forward. From mentoring prospective undergraduate and graduate students, serving as a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters, to volunteering across Western New York with various non-profits, Ryan’s volunteering and mentoring mantra focuses on servant leadership and listening, more than speaking, whenever possible.


Organizations Ryan has volunteered and served in leadership positions include B Team Buffalo, the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, Erie County Youth Board, the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Buffalo, and the New York Graduate Admissions Professionals. He received his bachelor’s from SUNY Fredonia, and his Master’s in Higher Education from the University at Buffalo. He is currently working on his PhD. Ryan currently lives in Lancaster with his wife Holly, daughters Ainslee and Juliet, and puggle, Bruce. When not trying to “save the world before bedtime,” Ryan enjoys singing Disney songs with his family in their kitchen, collecting and listening to vinyl records, cheering on every Buffalo sports team, and getting involved in local politics.





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