Our Staff


Thomas J. Guagliardo
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (716) 873-5833, ext. 220
Email: thomas.guagliardo@bbbsenst.org

Emily Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (716) 873-5833, ext. 214
Email: emily.mahoney@bbbsenst.org

Kara L. (Hite) Cantrell
Director of Development & Community Relations
Phone: (716) 873-5833, ext. 245
Email: kara.cantrell@bbbsenst.org

Maryam Busshart
Director of Programs
Phone: (716) 873-5833, ext. 223
Email: maryam.busshart@bbbsenst.org


Ally Costanza
Development & Community Relations Coordinator
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 242
Email: ally.costanza@bbbsenst.org

Anne Marie Howard
Case Manager
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 229
Email: annemarie.howard@bbbsenst.org

Ashlee Peck
Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 244
Email: ashlee.peck@bbbsenst.org

Ashley Hall
Program Coordinator – Olean Office
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 244
Email: ashley.hall@bbbsenst.org

Camille Sinatra
Office Manager
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 224
Email: camille.sinatra@bbbsenst.org

Eileen Rath
Case Manager
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 212
Email: eileen.rath@bbbsenst.org

Elizabeth Friol
Inquiry Coordinator
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 240
Email: elizabeth.friol@bbbsenst.org

Jaleesa Johnson-Simmons
Case Manager
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 241
Email: jaleesa.johnson-simmons@bbbsenst.org

Jared Johnson
Mentor Advocate – Olean Office
Phone: (716) 970-0961
Email: jared.johnson@bbbsenst.org

Joshua Wolff
Child Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 232
Email: josh.wolff@bbbsenst.org

Joyce Adiges
Site Coordinator
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 243
Email: joyce.adiges@bbbsenst.org

Monique Olejniczak
Assistant Director of Programs
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 233
Email: monique.olejniczak@bbbsenst.org

Trinity Pappin
Case Manager
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 227
Email: trinity.pappin@bbbsenst.org

Sadira Brown
Case Manager
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 219
Email: sadira.brown@bbbsenst.org

Sumer Mcwilson
Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 216
Email: sumer.mcwilson@bbbsenst.org

Sheila McCrea
Assistant Director of Volunteer Programs
Phone: (716) 873-5833 ext. 217
Email: sheila.mccrea@bbbsenst.org

Our Board of Directors


Christine Farrow, Ph.D. | NYS Unified Court System | President
James Kincaid, CPA | Lougen Valenti Bookbinder & Weintraub, LLP | Treasurer
Susan Gastle | BayoTech | Secretary


Nicholas Campanile | Columbus McKinnon
Honorable Lenora Foote-Beavers | City Court Judge
Carolyn Hoyt Stevens | Gurney Becker & Bourne
Amanda M. Karpovich | Proskauer Rose, LLP
Mariah Kerwin | Rich Products Corporation
Tasha LeFevre | Catapult
Michael Marong | Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Seth Piccirillo | Buffalo Niagara Partnership
Gust Pullman | Barclay Damon
Timothy Silverstein | National Fuel Gas Company
Courtney A. Sinatra | Key Private Bank
D. Scott Sutherland | Chiampou Travis Besaw Kershner
Natalie Terhaar | National Grid
Jared Threat | Moog, Inc.
Hazel Wicks | Saint-Gobain

Our Young Professionals Board

Amanda M. Karpovich | Chair
Tom Anderson
Lydia Greiner
Kristen Huffcut
Anastasia M. McCarthy
Candice Miller
Kenneth Lowe
Katlin Myers
Lauren Preti
Hannah Rauh
Erin Rogers
Alex Schwartz
Bridget Scott

If you’re interested in learning more about the Young Professionals Board or would like to discuss ways to get involved,
please contact Emily Mahoney at Emily.Mahoney@bbbsenst.org