As part of National Mentoring Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters participated in Take Your Little to Work Day.This day was a chance for our Littles to experience the typical workday for their Big and learn more about their career. Check out the photos!

Big Sister Stephanie, a teacher, had her Little Sister Teonna join her in the classroom for the day. Little Sister Teaonna had a great time and wrote the following about her experience. “Well, on the 13th day of January 2012, I went to Stephanie’s work place. She works at an elementary school in Williamsville. She is a very fun teacher and her job is so awesome. I had so much fun with her today. I was remembering that I was in the 5th and 6th grade a few years back. I am having a great time. Stephanie is one of the best role models ever. I want to be a math teacher when I graduate from college. Today was fun!!”

Big Brother Ernie and his Little Brother Luis also enjoyed the afternoon at his work place. Ernie is the Head of Security and Safety at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Little Brother Luis has visited his Big Brother at work before but Take Your Little To Work Day was different. Big Brother Ernie put his Little Brother Luis to work, allowing him a chance to experience what his day is truly like.

A BIG thanks to all of our Bigs that participated and offered their Littles this unique educational and fun opportunity!

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